Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting

September 21, 2000

XXX,1.Because Council President Jerry Tien was out of the country, the meeting was opened by President Elect Donald Myers at 1:35 P.M. Roll call was taken by the office secretary. Members absent were: Martin Bohner, Matt Insall, Patrick Guinta, Richard Hall, S.N. Balakrishnan (who had sent a substitute), Wayne Huebner, Ralph Wilkerson, Mark Mullin, Walt Gajda, Wendell Ogrosky, and Dean Saperstein (who had notified in advance that he could not attend).

There was a motion by Professor Lenn Koederitz to approve the minutes of the June 15, 2000 meeting as distributed. Professor Dan White seconded, and motion carried.

There was a motion by Professor Lance Haynes to move the Rules, Procedure and Agenda Committee election of officers to this point in the meeting. There was a second, and motion carried.



1. Chair Jeff Cawlfield presented the slate of officers for Academic Council 2000-01 as follows: President-Donald Myers; President Elect-Ralph Wilkerson; Secretary-Lenn Koederitz; and Parliamentarian-Todd Hubing. Professor Cawlfield moved to approve the slate by acclamation. There was a second and motion carried.




  1. Newly elected President Myers presented a report on the Academic Council Web Page using an overhead. He showed the description of the Academic Council from the UMR Bylaws, and listed some ways this Council is different from other Faculty Senates, such as more collaboration with the Faculty and Administration.
  2. Professor Myers announced that Dr. Teresa Thiel of the Committee on Post Tenure Review will be at the October 19 Academic Council meeting to address questions on this subject
  3. President Myers said that Professor Todd Hubing has agreed to take charge of the Council’s Web Site-adding to it in order to better inform the Faculty on issues of interest, and possibly creating a method for Faculty input.
  4. Professor Myers said there had been a discussion with Chancellor Thomas about the need to develop a list of agenda items for the year that would cover the issues of greater interest.
  5. President Myers mentioned IFC (InterCampus Faculty Council). There were some questions as to what that group does. Professor Myers explained that there are three representatives from each campus (UMR’s being Don Myers, Ralph Wilkerson, and Jeff Cawlfield this year). This Council talks with President Pacheco about items of interest to the four campuses. President Myers asked Professor Cawlfield to give a report from the last IFC meeting.

    a. Professor Cawlfield said Post Tenure Review is still one of the main topics of discussion. A preliminary presentation from that committee is on the Web, and they are soliciting input from Faculty.(See attached)

    b. There was some discussion by Council members as to whether the charge the Post Tenure Review Committee was to decide if a new process is needed, or to definitely set up a new one. Professor Myers is on the committee(also from UMR-Jack Ridley and Don Askeland), and he said President Pacheco has asked for a new one-that each campus has some sort of Post Tenure Review, but needed a consistent one among all four campuses.

    c. Also discussed at IFC was the English Language Proficiency issue. Each campus reported on their efforts, and Steve Lemkuhle made a presentation to the Board of Curators. Professor Cawlfield said results from a survey showed that native English speakers were having more communication problems than professors from other countries.

    d. Professor Cawlfield said there had been quite a bit of concern about the implementation of PeopleSoft, and he assured the Council that it will run parallel with existing programs for quite some time.

    e. Professor Cawlfield said IFC had a list of issues needing discussion, including: ownership of web-based courses and Intellectual Property Rights; grievance procedures; and the Resource Planning Document.

    f. Professor Greg Gelles voiced questions and concerns about Post Tenure Review, saying he felt the new policy might enforce causes for dismissal more than the old one. President Myers said the opportunity for voicing comments, questions, and concerns would be at the next Council meeting.


Dr. Thomas said he wanted to endorse the comments about collaborative decision-making. He further stated that he needs input BEFORE time to make the decision on an issue.

1. The Chancellor said he had received a memo from Academic Council concerning Academic Free Time. He said he had met with the Retention Committee, and the feeling was that there is a need to improve the campus climate between students and staff. He said there was an obvious need to create time in the day when everyone would have-within reason-time to participate in activities-clubs, etc. for students and seminars and such for Faculty. Dr. Thomas said he and the Faculty and students need to think collectively about this and the reasons for it before next fall.



  1. Professor Lance Haynes asked if Faculty input to the Chancellor could be made by email. Chancellor Thomas said that was definitely a positive use of email. He gave his email address: thomas@mst.edu.
  2. Professor Don Myers asked for a brief overview of the Chancellor’s presentation to the Board of Curators on UMR’s survey on English Language Proficiency.
  3. Dr. Thomas said the survey was done with a comparison by language group to which they belonged, then by how big classes were-also why some professors had communication difficulties in one class, but not in another. The largest number of problems occurred in classes of about twenty to thirty students. Where individuals had different levels of communication problems in different classes, it was the larger classes where the worst problems were. The Chancellor went on to say that it is an explicit part of a Chair’s responsibility to speak with Faculty to see if there is a communication difficulty. The Chair should then talk to the professor in question and the Dean to help overcome the problem.
  4. UMR student Joe Maul commented on the issue, stating, “this issue is not dead¿?.

Professor Myers officially welcomed the new Chancellor, Dr. Gary Thomas.


B. CURRICULA-Professor Charles Morris presented this report, from August and September. He first mentioned the EC1’s for information only. He then moved to approve the CC1’s as distributed. Professor Lenn Koederitz seconded, and motion carried.

C. STUDENT AFFAIRS-Mr. Mark Potrafka presented the Constitution of the Advanced Aero Vehicle Group. Professor Lance Haynes moved to approve it. Professor Hal Nystrom seconded, and motion carried

.3 No old business was presented; however, President Myers mentioned that the Faculty Performances Shares Plan was mistakenly listed as an Action Item. This issue has been referred to the Personnel Committee.


A. No one was present to represent the Staff Council.

B. STUDENT COUNCIL-Mr. Joe Maul, Vice President For External Affairs introduced himself and stated that he would be attending Academic Council meetings, RP&A meetings, etc. He listed as some topics of interest to Student Council: the proposed new University Center, English Language Proficiency, and FERPA.

C. REFERRALS-Professor Myers referred the issue of Academic Free Time for the year 2001-02 to the Student Affairs Committee.

There was a motion and a second to adjourn. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,



Lenn Koederitz


*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official documentation and notification of actions approved.