Special Committees

Faculty Bylaws:  Section:  D. 8. Special Committees

a.  Special Committees addressing issues not presently the purview of Faculty Standing Committees or Judicial Committees may be authorized from time to time, as needed, by the Chancellor, General Faculty, Faculty Senate, and departments.  However, when the faculty or the administration establishes any committee having campus-wide responsibilities or authority, they shall file with the Secretary of the Faculty Senate a statement specifying the responsibilities, authority and composition of the committee, together with a list of current members.  A catalog of such existing committees shall be circulated to the faculty annually by the Secretary of the General Faculty.

b.  When deemed appropriate by the Chancellor, by the General Faculty, or by the Faculty Senate reports of Special Committees shall be distributed to all members of the General Faculty.  Each Special Committee shall prepare an annual report to be made available to all faculty members.

c.  Whenever possible, Special Committees shall be organized prior to September 1 and be responsible for their duties from September 1 through August 31 of the following year.

Special Committees Rosters