Standing Committees

Standing Committees report to and through the Faculty Senate. These committees formulate and recommend actions and policies in the assigned area of each. Authority to act is limited to the specific functions for which this power is delegated in the following sections of these Bylaws or the functions prescribed by the Board of Curators in their Rules and Regulations. 

Standing Committee Rosters

  1. Academic Freedom and Standards
  2. Administrative Review Committee
  3. Budgetary Affairs Committee
  4. Committee for Effective Teaching (CET)
  5. Curricula Committee
  6. Discipline Specific Curricula Committee
  7. Facilities Planning Committee
  8. Honorary Degrees Committee
  9. Information Technology/Computing Committee
  10. Intellectual Property Committee
  11. Library and Learning Resources Committee
  12. Personnel Committee
  13. Public Occasions Committee
  14. Rules, Procedures, and Agenda Committee
  15. Student Affairs Committee
  16. Student Awards and Financial Aids Committee
  17. Tenure Committee