VOL. XXVIII, NO. 2 Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting October 15, 1998

XXVIII,2. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 P.M. by President Dennis Perry. Two substitutions were noted-Lance Williams for Russell Buhite and J.W. Johnson for Neil Book.

.1 It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the September 17, 1998 meeting as distributed. Motion carried.


1. Professor Perry stated that he did not attend the last IFC meeting, but he gave a brief report on some upcoming issues of interest.
a.Revision of Grievance Procedures
b.Salary Situation-Professor Selberg has been asked by IFC to track salaries of full professors in the UM System.
c.Intellectual Property discussion and related committees.
d.President Pacheco's moratorium on endowed chairs until criteria is established.

2. A lengthy discussion ensued on the various issues President Perry had mentioned.

B. CHANCELLOR'S REPORT In the absence of Dr. Park (who was attending a Board of Curators' meeting), Dr. Gajda presented this report.

1. The Vice-Chancellor mentioned that he recently wrote to Dr. Perry asking the Academic Council to consider the issue of assessment, and also consider possible means of motivation for the students to make their best efforts.

2. Dr. Gajda announced that UMR would be received the visit from the North Central Accreditation team on April 19, 20, and 21, 1999. This is done every ten years.

a.UMR has to provide a self-study addressing the concerns of ten years ago which were the library and faculty salaries.
b.A preliminary self-study can be found on the web, addressing five criteria:
(1)Does UMR have clear, stated programs?
(2)Does the University effectively organize its resources?
(3)Is the University demonstrating its educational purposes?
(4)Can we continue to accomplish our purposes?
(5)Does the University establish and maintain integrity?

3. After elaborating further on the Accreditation Team visit, Dr. Gajda mentioned that an agreement is near for a Statewide Engineering Management Program. He stated that this will be UMR's degree. Other participating institutions will have some right of collaboration, but UMR will make the decisions as to courses and curriculum content.

4. Dr. Gajda briefly mentioned upgrade funds for computing.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS-There were various questions from the floor and some discussion of the items Dr. Gajda had mentioned.



1. Professor Howard Pyron presented the EC1's for information only. He then moved to approved the CC1's as distributed. After one question from the floor, motion carried.


A. President Perry referred briefly to the Action Items sent out with the agenda.


A. STAFF COUNCIL-Venita Currie announced that a survey will be sent out to staff about November 1. She also announced a coordinated workday on November 7 to help an elderly man fix up his house.


1. Joe Schmidberger made a few comments on the assessment issue, and stated that Steve Lemkuhle has asked for input from the students. The Student Council will develop the student position on it.

2. He also commented that he had met with President Pacheco to discuss issues from the InterCampus Student Council. He said that Council was going to meet later in the week with the Curators and then Steve Lemkuhle.

3. Mr. Schmidberger referred to a Resolution that was passed by the Student Council on September 30 about student input on tenure. He said this was a revised version, and he asked that it be referred to the Tenure Committee, where he would like to discuss it.

C. REFERRALS-President Perry stated that he had a referral from Professor D.C. Look concerning the possibility of setting aside 3:30 to 6:30 P.M. on school days for extra-curricular activities, so that students don't have conflict with classes. After some discussion, Professor Perry said this would be referred to the Student Affairs Committee.

There was a motion and a second to adjourn. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Myers

*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official notification and documentation of actions approved.