VOL. XXVIII, NO. 6 Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting Thursday, April 15, 1999

XXVII,6.The meeting was called to order at 1:30 P.M. by President Dennis Perry. No substitutions were noted.



1. Professor Perry stated that IFC was again discussing Post Tenure Review. He said UMR should tackle the subject ourselves with fact finding, checking what other schools are doing, etc. He suggested it might be referred to Don Myers, as Chair of the Personnel Committee. There was a motion and a second to have the Personnel Committee look into the issue of Post Tenure Review. Motion carried.


1. Dr. Gajda first reminded the Council that the NCRAC would be on campus from Sunday, April 18 to Wednesday, April 21. He elaborated somewhat on what this Accreditation Team might be asking for, and urged everyone to be ready to cooperate. 2. The vice-chancellor then mentioned that pre- enrollment for next fall's freshman was better than anticipated.


1. There were a few questions and comments from the floor concerning the accreditation visit. 2. Dr. Gajda responded to a request to report on the reasons for the delay in providing last semester?s faculty teaching evaluations. He reported that the delay was a result of his placing admissions as a priority item for the Computer Center.


A. ADMISSIONS AND ACADEMIC STANDARDS-Professor Kurt Kosbar presented this report on Inclusion of Transfer Credits in GPA's and he stated that the committee affirms the current way to include them in graduation requirements and GPA. 1. There was a comment from the floor questioning whether transfer credits had ever been included in GPA's. Professor Kosbar explained that there are varied GPA's-Accumulative, UMR, and UM.

B. ASSESSMENT-Professor Gary Bertrand presented this report on Assessment Tests Issues. 1. Professor Bertrand stated that the feeling is that UMR?s students don?t do as well as they should on these tests, which affects Funding for Results. A copy of the committee?s report was distributed (See attached). 2. There were a few brief comments from the floor.

C. CURRICULA-Professor Howard Pyron presented the EC1's for information only, and moved to approve the CC1's(from March and April) as distributed. There was a second and motion carried. 1. President Perry then referred to the last paragraph in the April Curricula Committee Report concerning implementing the General Education requirement to incorporate a Communicating Across The Curriculum program into the undergraduate curriculum. a.As chair of the Implementation Committee for Communicating Across the Curriculum, Professor Jeff Cawlfield elaborated on this, and requested a resolution from the Council stating that the Fall ?99 or 2000 Freshman would begin implemen- tation of the Committee?s recommendation. b.After a brief discussion, Professor Cawlfield made a motion(See attached).Professor Ken Robertson seconded.

c.Following the motion, there was a lengthy discussion, followed by Professor Linda Bergmann reading the original requirement, passed on March 25, 1993.(See attached) d.Professor Lance Haynes moved to table the motion. There was a second. Vote was taken, and motion failed. e.There was a motion to amend the original motion by splitting writing and oral commun- ication. There was a second. After another lengthy discussion, the motion to amend was withdrawn. f.Professor Dan White moved to postpone action on the original motion to the June meeting. Professor Lance Haynes seconded. Motion carried.

D. STUDENT AFFAIRS-This report was presented by Mr. Bill Wilson. 1. This committee presented five constitutions for approval as previously distributed. a.There was a motion and a second to approve these, with clarification on the Chinese Club?s membership requirements. After some discussion the moton was amended to approve the four constitutions, excluding the Chinese Club. There was a second and motion carried.

E. TENURE-This report was presented by Professor X.B. Reed. 1. Copies were distributed of this committee?s response to Student Resolution 9899R3. Cody May Passed out copies of the original resolution(See both attached). 2. Professor Ken Robertson moved that the report be acknowledged as received by the Academic Council. There was a second and motion carried.

Due to the lateness of the hour(3:20 P.M.), all other business was postponed to the next meeting. There was a motion and a second to adjourn. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Donald Myers

*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official notification and documentation of actions approved.