VOL.XXVII, NO. 4 Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting Thursday, January 21, 1999

XXVII,4. The meeting was called to order at 1:20 P.M. by President Dennis Perry.

.1 It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes of the November 19, 1998 meeting as distributed. Motion carried.



1. President Perry gave a brief report from the last IFC meeting.
a.He announced that Chancellor Schwartz from UMKC is stepping down from his position.
b.They've given out an intercampus calendar that has the key holidays, breaks that all have to adhere to in terms of offering long-distance courses. In other words, the calendar is limited by course delivery commitment.
c.Grievance Procedures presented were approved, and it is hoped that they will be voted on by the Curators in May.
d.President Pacheco discussed the budget situation for next year. The combination of the slowdown of personal income in the state and the Federal method of calculating the budget means less money for us, which means 50 million dollars in discretionary funds rather than $200 million. He guessed maybe 1% raises for the next year.
e.Pacheco said UMC Faculty and Administration are good models for cooperation on budget building.
f.Robert Stein, Representative from the Coordinating Board for Higher Education, discussed FFR (Funding for Results) used in assessment. Dr. Stein said he is available to come here and work with us.


1. Dr. Park gave a brief report on various items of interest.
a.The Chancellor explained the state's reasoning for the approximately 230 million dollar reduction in state higher education funding. The Governor's recommended UM operating budget is $417.9 million.
b.Dr. Park said 12 items were listed for funding in the Governor's budget, which included the money for the Butler-Carleton Building.
c.The Chancellor gave some of the figures from FFR, as they apply to UMR.
d. Dr. Park said the Governor did not cut funding for Mission Enhancement.
e.February 16 will be a Strategic Budget Planning meeting, and then will continue into the SAP timetable to be completed in July.

f.The decision has been made not to pursue the Baldridge Award this year. Dr. Park said the main reason for this is to use that energy to concentrate on North Central Accreditation.

Q and A-There was a question from the floor concerning freshman recruitment. Dr. Gajda briefly addressed this concern. There were then other comments and questions from the floor about that concern which were addressed to Dr. Gajda and Dr. Park.


A. COMPUTER POLICY-This report was presented by Dr. Barbara Hale.
1. Professor Hale stated that his year, $250,000 was used from the Academic Computing Budget to buy PC's for staff.
2. She then proposed the following resolution: That the Academic Council is opposed to the use of Academic Computing funds for staff desktop technology and requests that his use of Academic Computing funds not be made this year nor any year in the future.
a.Motion was made by Neil Book to approve this resolution, and seconded by Ken Robertson. After a lengthy discussion, vote was taken, and motion failed.

B. CURRICULA-In the absence of Howard Pyron, the chair of this committee, Professor Ken Robertson presented this report.
1. Professor Robertson moved to approve the CC1's as distributed. There was a second, and after a brief discussion, motion carried.

C. STUDENT AFFAIRS-Bill Wilson presented this report.
1. Mr. Wilson reported that the committee is still looking into the issue of afternoon class scheduling. They are not ready to make a recommendation to the Council.
a.There was a question concerning possible rescheduling of extracurricular activities. Mr. Wilson said that would be considered also. b.There were one or two other comments on this issue.
2. Mr. Wilson then presented four constitutions for approval: Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, Lacrosse Club, Majapahit Martial Arts Group and Society of Explosives Engineers. There was a motion and a second to approve all four. Motion carried.

.4 No old business was presented.


A. STAFF COUNCIL-A representative mentioned briefly the web-based staff survey would be due January 29.

1. This group announced that work on revisions of their bylaws and constitution is ongoing.
2. On their resolution concerning input into tenure, they are preparing a report for Dr. Reed to present at the next meeting of the Tenure Committee.

1. Implementation of Cross-Curriculum to Curricula Committee
2. Development of Web-Based Courses to Personnel Committee

1. Professor Don Myers announced that R P & A had invited the Patent and Copyright Committee to visit UMR on February 18. When the date is confirmed, it will be announced.

There was a comment from Ken Robertson concerning availability of large rooms on campus during testing.

There was a motion and a second to adjourn. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Donald Myers,

*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official notification and documentation of actions approved.