Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting

Thursday, April 20, 2000


XXIX,6.The meeting was called to order at 1:35 P.M. by President Jerry Tien. Three substitutions wee noted: Wise for Swenson, Finash for Selberg, and Nystrom for Murray.

Professor Lance Haynes moved to approve the minutes of the February 17, 2000 meeting as distributed. Professor Lenn Koederitz seconded and motion carried.



1.Professor Tien said the Academic Council Breakfast for the Board of Curators went well.

2.President Tien said he was not able to attend the March IFC meeting, so he asked Don Myers to report on that.

a.Professor Myers said the grievance issue was discussed, and, at system level, there is an effort to find ways to train leaders on each campus to stop the problems before they reach the grievance stage.

b.Two speakers from the UM Legal Office were at the IFC meeting and addressed issues concerning FERPA of 1974 (concerning students’ rights on their records and also students on camera for distance learning).

c.Transfer credits were also discussed, but here at UMR, this has already been referred to the Curricula Committee.

3.There was a question from the floor as to whether the Council should invite Larry George to report on the Campus Mediation Project. There was an affirmative response to this.

4.There was also a question concerning English Proficiency in the classroom. Professor Tien gave some statistics on this, and he said they would later be posted on the Academic Council Website.

5.Professor Tien then asked Professor Jeff Cawlfield to report on the progress of the Chancellor Search.

a.Professor Cawlfield said he cannot give details at this point, but that President Pacheco asked for three to five names from which to choose. He said the finalists would be coming here about May 5, and would need to meet with campus leaders.

B. VICE-CHANCELLOR’S REPORT 1.Dr. Gajda presented this report as Dr. Park had obligations elsewhere.

2.The Vice-Chancellor said he doesn’t comprehend the pressure about the grievance issue for our campus; as, in seven years, only two grievances have come to him.

3.Dr. Gajda spoke about the General Education Transfer Credits. He said the community colleges feel disrespected by the University Campuses, and want a policy that would be used. UMR already has agreements in place that will probably suffice.

4.The Vice Chancellor said Dr. Park asked him to convey his “irritation” concerning the two draft resolutions that were sent out prior to this meeting. He said Dr. Park had two open meetings (and two more coming up), which were poorly attended.

5.On the salary and wage principles from President Pacheco, the Vice Chancellor said the word was a 3% average increase in E & E, and 4% in Salary and wage for four employee groups(he said he would seek clarification on this).

6.Dr. Gajda spoke on the English Proficiency issue. He said his advice is to let them do the legislation, as it would be declared unconstitutional.



1.Professor Don Myers said at IFC there was a discussion of a Raise Pool, and that the other campuses have developed a policy to look at the review process for raises (new and different policy). He asked if that was being done here.

a.Dean Saperstein said there had been no discussion with the Chancellor on this.

2.Professor Jay Gragg asked if there were anything new on Post Tenure Review.

a.Professor Myers answered that the results would soon be sent to the other campuses for comments, with a decision to come about October.


CURRICULA-Professor Charles Morris presented this report.

1.Professor Morris presented the EC1’s for information only.

2.Professor Morris moved to approve the CC1’s as distributed. Professor Lenn Koederitz seconded and motion carried.

RULES, PROCEDURE AND AGENDA-This report was presented by Professor Lance Haynes.

1.Professor Haynes moved to approve Resolution #1 as it was distributed previously. He also read it aloud. There was a second by Professor Jay Gragg and motion carried. (See attached)

2.Professor Haynes read aloud and moved to approve Resolution #2 as distributed. There was a second by Professor Gragg. Dr. Gajda offered a friendly amendment to take out the section about sending it to the President. This was not accepted. Vote was then taken. Motion carried with one opposed(Dr. Gajda).

STUDENT AFFAIRS-This brief report was presented by Mr. Mark Potrafka, who stated that he felt the Afternoon Class Scheduling issue needs to be dropped.

.3 OLD BUSINESS No old business was presented.



A. STAFF COUNCIL-Mr. Ben Strehlman gave this report.

1.Mr. Strehlman mentioned a recent successful fund raiser for the March of Dimes.

2.Staff Day was announced as May 24. Mr. Strehlman said all are welcome to participate. He also asked Faculty who would volunteer to serve to contact him.

B. Professor Lance Haynes asked for a vote to reconsider his former motion on Resolution #2. Professor Gregg Gelles seconded, and motion carried.

1.Professor Haynes then moved to approve the resolution, removing the words “and to President Pacheco”. Professor Matt Insall seconded and motion carried. (See attached)

C. STUDENT COUNCIL-Mr. Joe Maul introduced himself as the new representative to R, P & A and Academic Council and announced the list of new officers.

1.Mr. Cody May mentioned Marriott’s new higher prices, and suggested that Faculty talk to them about it.

2.Professor Ken Robertson asked if the rumor was true that Marriott is putting all employees on part-time to avoid benefits. No one knew the answer to this. He said when Marriott was Given the contract, they promised to give comparable benefits to those given UMR employees.

3.Professor Haynes suggested that RP&A present a resolution on this.

D. Professor Tien mentioned the referrals that were listed on the agenda.

There was a motion and a second to adjourn. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,



Ralph Wilkerson


*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official documentation and notification of actions approved.