Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting

Thursday, January 20, 2000

XXIX,4. The meeting was called to order at 1:35 P.M. by President Jerry Tien. One substitution was noted-Phil Thompson for Greg Gelles. Roll call was taken by the office secretary, and a quorum was proved. A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the November 18, 1999 meeting as distributed. Motion carried.




  1. President Tien gave an overhead presentation on the six items discussed at the January IFC meeting (See attached).
  2. There was some discussion and comments concerning one of the items-Post Tenure Review. The question was asked-would the campus have input when a draft was brought back. Professor Lance Haynes volunteered to ask President Pacheco about this


  1. Dr. Park gave an overhead presentation on Faculty salaries (See attached).



  1. Professor Bruce Selberg said he was concerned about so many private schools being on the Comparator List. He stated that he didn’t feel it was a good Comparison group. Professor Selberg went on to say some don’t offer a Doctorate and that none of the comparisons say how UMR ranks in terms of NRC or US News and World Report.
  2. Dr. Park replied that only two of the listed institutions don’t give a PHD.
  3. Professor Tien commented that the other campuses in our system were expressing much concern.
  4. Professor Selberg commented that they should look at the salaries per discipline.
  5. Dr. Park said size of the schools is the major issue.
  6. Professor Don Myers commented that we should include Science and Math(not just English), and then some others would come closer to comparing with UMR.
  7. .Dr. Park said he didn’t know how this information was going to be used, and that he needs to know “how they’re going to play the game.”
  8. Professor Haynes commented that he thought the return from Early Retirements was to go to increased salaries. Dr. park said this was true, but still have to figure Out who, where, how much, etc.


A. CURRICULA-Professor Ken Robertson presented the EC1's and CC1's for approval. He made this a motion. There was a second and motion carried.

B. PERSONNEL-Professor Don Myers presented this report.

1.Professor Myers referred to the resolution on Video and Distance Learning that was distributed with the Agenda.

2.After elaborating on this resolution, Professor Myers moved to approve. There was a second. After one or two questions for clarification, motion carried.

C. STUDENT AFFAIRS-Mark Petrofka presented this report.

1.Professor Matt Insall’s suggestion on Final Exam Time Conflict was referred to RP&A.

2.Professor Haynes, chair of RP&A, invited all who were interested to attend a meeting to discuss this.

.3 No old business was presented.


A. Ms. Julie Crow spoke briefly for STUCO.

1.She said interviews were completed for Student Curator, and Stephen SUGG from UMC had been chosen.

2. She also mentioned the policy on drug notification.

B. Professor Len Koederitz presented the proposed resolution for appointment of President of Academic Council as it was distributed with the agenda.

1.Professor Koederitz moved to approve the resolution. Professor Lance Haynes seconded. Motion carried.

There was a motion and a second to adjourn. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,



Ralph Wilkerson


*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official documentation and notification of actions approved.