Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting

November 16, 2000

XXX,3. The meeting was opened at 1:35 P.M. by President Don Myers. Roll call was taken by the office secretary. Members absent at the time of roll call were: James Stone, Kristine Swenson, Shubhender Kapila, Kurt Kosbar, Roger Brown, Wayne Huebner, Mark Mullin, Dr. Gajda, and Dr. Ogrosky.

There was a motion by Professor Lenn Koederitz to add the Public Occasions Committee to the agenda. There was a second and motion carried. There was a motion and a second to approve the minutes of the October 19, 2000 meeting as distributed. Motion carried.




  1. Professor Myers began this report with a Thought for the Day, which was: “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper”.
  2. President Myers mentioned the Post Tenure Review Process.
    a.He said the U-wide committee solicited comments, and made modifications. This revised version is being submitted to President Pacheco, wth the comments included.
    b.Professor Myers said this proposed document will be on the Academic Council web site, along with frequently asked questions. He said they would like a UMR Faculty vote as to their feelings on this proposed policy, which has been renamed, “The Post Tenure Development Policy”.
    c.Professor Lenn Koederitz moved to poll all Faculty on this, and submit the results to President Pacheco. Professor Greg Gelles seconded. Motion carried.
  3. President Myers said that many of the Academic Council had not yet organized this fall, or elected chairs. He stated that he was going to request that each committee do so right away. This is necessary in order for the Council to get a response for requests for input.
  4. Professor Myers asked Professor Ralph Wilkerson to report on the last IFC Meeting. Professor Wilkerson listed the subjects that were discussed: Administrator Review Process; Post Tenure Review Policy; Problems forseen with faculty recruitment; and Copyright Ownership of web-based materials.



  1. Dr. Thomas said that it was natural the copyright ownership is a “hot topic”. He said there is a need to compare web-based courses and telecommunications with residential education.
  2. The Chancellor referred to a handout that was distributed, dealing with new positions in Administration, which are: Provost; Dean of Enrollment Management; Vice Provost for Research; and Vice Chancellor of Information Technology.
    a.Dr. Thomas said a search committee for the Provost position has been formed, and includes Tony Nanni(Chair), Laura Stoll, Marvin Patton, David Summers, John Watson, Paula Lutz, Neil Smith, Wayne Bledsoe, and a student.
    b.The Chancellor elaborated on the need for these changes, which would aid recruitment and retention.
  3. On the subject of Intellectual Properties, the Chancellor said there is a need to come to a quick agreement on protecting Intellectual Property, and then move on to the effective use of it.

Questions and Answers


  1. Professor Lance Haynes said he understood the Chancellor was encouraging Faculty to take more interest in Budgetary Affairs; and, in that vein, he would like to ask how the new administrative positions would be funded.
    a.Dr. Thomas said a concensus is needed to face the new problems next year.
    b.He said that he would be making a presentation to the Chancellor’s Staff and Department Chairs on options for next year.
    c.He further stated that he feels UMR must have a Dean of Enrollment Management Planning to reverse the trend of falling enrollment.
  2. There was a question as to whether the Chancellor was implying that schools that outrank UMR in enrollment do so because they have a Dean of Enrollment, and also what offices would be combined for this position.
    a.Dr. Thomas said Financial Aid and Administrative Records would be combined.
  3. A Council member asked if the position of Dean of Enrollment Management replaces another position, and when did the Chancellor hope to have this person in place.
    a.The Chancellor said “no” in answer to the first question, and “March, 2001” to the second one.
  4. Professor Matt Insall asked who really knows the reasons students leave UMR. Dr. Thomas said the best way to keep them here is just to teach the courses well.
  5. There was a question as to whether the Dean of Enrollment Management would also work with the recruitment of graduate students, and the Chancellor answered in the affirmative.


A. CURRICULA-Professor Charles Morris presented this report.


  1. Professor Morris moved to approve the BS degree in Information Science and Technology.
    a.There was a second, followed by comments and discussion, including recommendations from Professors Stanek and St. Clair that this be approved.
    b.Vote was taken, and motion carried.
  2. Professor Morris moved to approve the CC1’s. Professor Lance Haynes seconded, and motion carried.
  3. Professor Morris presented the EC1’s for information only.

B. STUDENT AFFAIRS-Mr. Mark Potrafka presented this Report.

Mr. Potrafka presented the Constitution of Omicron Delta Kappa, and recommended that it be approved. Professor Lance Haynes moved to approve. Professor Dan White seconded, and motion carried.

C. PUBLIC OCCASIONS-This report was presented by Professor Jerry Bayless.


  1. Professor Bayless distributed copies of the recommended Academic Calendar for 2002-2003. He noted that the name of the second semester has been changed to Spring Semester. Professor Lenn Koederitz moved to approve the calendar. After a second, motion carried.(See attached)
  2. Professor Bayless then presented the Public Event Dates for 2001-2002. Professor Lance Haynes moved to approve. There was a second, and motion carried.(See attached)


A. Professor Hal Nystrom moved to approve the resolution on Academic Free Time that was read at the October meeting. After a second, Professor Jerry Cohen read from a handout he had distributed.(See attached)

  1. Professor Lance Haynes moved to postpone consideration of the motion on the floor. There was a second, and motion carried, with two opposed.
  2. Professor Lance Haynes moved that Professor Cohen’s proposal be approved. Professor Greg Gelles seconded.
    a.Chancellor Thomas said a delay would be bad, as this free time is needed by the students.
    b.A vote was taken and motion failed with 4 in favor, and 12 opposed.
  3. A vote was then taken on Professor Nystrom’s motion. Motion carried.


A. There were no reports from Staff and Student Councils.

B. President Myers made a referral to the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee, and also to the ad hoc Mentoring Committee to review the issues associated with “sticking points”.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Lenn Koederitz


*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official documentation and notification of actions approved.