Minutes of the Special Academic Council Meeting

June 21, 2001

XXX,8. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 P.M. by President Don Myers. Roll call was taken, and absentees noted were: Gary Mueller, Joel Burken, James Stone, Michael Meagher, Richard Bullock, Paul Worsey, Patrick Giunta, Richard Hall, Kristine Swenson, Shubhender Kapila, Kurt Kosbar, S.N. Balakrishnan, Ron Frank, Hal Nystrom, Wayne Huebner, and Michael Hilgers. Substitutions noted were Richard Bryant for Greg Gelles and Paul Parris for Gerald Wilemski.

There was a motion by Professor Charles Morris to approve the minutes of the April 19, 2001 meeting. Following a second, motion carried.




  1. President Myers presented plaques of appreciation to Professors Lance Haynes and Jeff Cawlfield for their extended periods of service to the Council.
  2. Professor Myers reported on the April and May IFC meetings.
    1. There was discussion of the negotiations of the GE articulation agreement, whereby at any Missouri public institutions of higher learning, 40 hours can be transferred from any other institutions. This was passed by IFC, but UMC still has concerns. Vote may be taken on this issue at all campuses in the fall.
    2. Also discussed was changing the starting date for grad students and faculty. Ken Hutchinson is looking into this issue.
    3. President Myers said the Intellectual Property Document is being drafted to eventually go to the Patent Committee. He said the faculty should be getting an opportunity to provide input.
    4. Professor Myers said UMC is concerned about the Grievance Procedures, but the other campuses are not.
    5. He also said concern was expressed about centralizing some services.
    6. President Myers said the IFC summer retreat would be held soon, at which time the agenda and items of interest are set for next year. He asked that anyone who has items or issues that should be addressed by IFC notify him, Professor Ralph Wilkerson, or Professor Lenn Koederitz before August 1.



  1. Chancellor Thomas commented on items mentioned by Professor Myers.
    1. Concerning a potential disparity in salaries based on factors other than performance, he said he had looked at Faculty salaries by school and/or by department to see if groups (i.e. gender or ethnic) were paid at significantly lower levels than those of the unit as a whole. He said that none of the salaries appeared to be statistically outside of what would be expected due to rank and longevity.
    2. Concerning new professorships, Dr. Thomas said he is looking for funds to create additional named professorships.
    3. On the subject of Centralized Purchasing, the Chancellor said a decision would be made on July 6. The objective would be to purchase commodities would be purchased for the whole UM System, and UMR would buy from that contract. This would not apply to specialty items. Dr. Thomas said UMR might gain significant financial savings from this.
  2. Dr. Thomas said that a memo went out in May concerning Faculty Performance Shares, asking that nominations be at the Dean’s offices by July 1. Decisions will be made about September 1.
  3. The Chancellor said Vice Chancellor Ogrosky was expanding the LEAD Program. This was discussed by the Chancellor’s Staff Group, and Ron Bieniek was named as director of the center.
  4. Dr. Thomas said two new Curators had just been here touring our campus, and everyone had done a good job showing them UMR. He said he hopes the whole Board of Curators will be here in November.
  5. The Chancellor gave a brief overhead presentation on retention. He said the grade reports for Spring, 2001 show a 30% decline in the number of sections that gave 25% or more D’s, F’s, and W’s.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - There were a few brief questions and comments from the floor.


A. CURRICULA-Professor Charles Morris presented this report.

  1. Professor Morris moved to approve the CC1’s as distributed. Professor Dan White seconded, and motion carried.



  1. Professor Jeff Cawlfield distributed the ballots for election of members to Academic Council committees. He asked that the ballots be marked and given to the secretary at the end of the meeting.

C. STUDENT AFFAIRS-This report was presented by Mr. R. J. Agee.

  • Mr. Agee presented the constitutions for two organizations-the Photography Club and The Vine.
    1. Professor Todd Hubing moved to approve the Photography Club. Following a second, motion carried.
    2. A discussion ensued concerning The Vine.
      1. Dean Saperstein said the language was not good in the constitution. He said the proposed constitution needed minor changes.
      2. Professor Lance Haynes said it’s not restrictive for membership.
      3. There was a question from the floor as to whether University money is used for clubs. Mr. Agee said the groups can ask STUCO for funds, but it has to be for an event open to the whole campus. Also STUCO gives one-time startup money.
      4. The Chancellor suggested a preamble stating that the organization recognize that UMR has a religiously heterogeneous student body.
      5. There was no motion made on The Vine. It will now go back to the committee.

    .3 No old business was presented.



    1. Mr. Greg Harris said his observation in working with this group is that many people move on in the same old way, while others think change is wonderful.
    B. STUDENT COUNCIL - Mr. R.J. Agee presented this report.
    1. Mr. Agee presented the resolution concerning having Advisors for students on Academic Probation.
      1. Chancellor Thomas moved to approve this resolution. Dean Saperstein seconded.
      2. After some discussion, the Chancellor suggesting eliminating the word “sole” in front of purpose.
      3. There was further discussion as to whether it should be referred.
      4. Vote was then taken, and motion carried.
    2. Mr. Agee presented the resolution on creating a U-wide policy on faculty changes.
      1. The Chancellor moved to approve, and there was a second.
      2. Professor Lance Haynes proposed a friendly amendment to replace the words “are a common occurrence” with “do occur”, and to replace “no policy” with “no uniform policy”. This was accepted. Vote was then taken, and motion carried.

    C. GRADUATE STUDENTS’ COUNCIL-Ms. Carmen Doudna stated That she would be respresenting this group now.

    D. REFERRALS- The resolutions were referred to the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee.

    The meeting was then adjourned.

    Respectfully submitted,


    Lenn Koederitz

    *Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official documentation and notification of actions approved.