Minutes of the Special Academic Council Meeting

March 13, 2001

XXX,6. The meeting was called to order at 3:30 P.M. by President Don Myers. Roll call was taken, and those listed as absent without prearrangement were: Martin Bohner, Patrick Giunta, Thomas Schuman, Kelvin Erickson, Kurt Kosbar, Michael Hilgers, Dan White, Dr. Gajda, and Dr. Ogrosky.

President Myers read a brief quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes. He then stated that, because this was a special meeting, only the two agenda items listed would be addressed.


A. Dr. Thomas addressed the budget concerns.


  1. The Chancellor said working within the budget for the next two years would be very challenging. He said he and the Deans worked together to develop a scenario for budget cuts. He said he will be meeting with the Budget Committee on March 14.
  2. Dr. Thomas said the question uppermost in everyone’s mind is, “Are we going to make the enrollment projections?”. He said the higher the enrollment, the more money available there would be.
  3. According to the Chancellor, the manufacturing recession has hit this region sharply. He said some agencies in the state have received worse cuts than the University.
  4. In planning next year’s budget, Dr. Thomas said he has asked the Deans to anticipate and make adjustments accordingly.



  1. Professor Don Myers asked what the consequences would be of the ruling on the Hancock Amendment. The Chancellor said the ruling was in favor of the state; however, a few items were referred back to lower courts, so there might be some necessary returns. 2.
  2. Professor Hal Nystrom asked about the length of time of the hiring freeze. Dr. Thomas said it would soon be released.
  3. There was a question from the floor as to how the Chancellor envisioned the effects on the funds for Mission Enhancement. Dr. Thomas said they would be dramatically affected, but not zeroed out.

.2 CURRICULA COMMITTEE-Professor Charles Morris presented this report.

A. Professor Morris referred to the CC1 4703 Bachelor of Science Program in Business Administration.

  1. Professor Morris said the committee draws to the attention of the Council that the budget in this version is very different and expresses a deficit the first year. Professor Morris also said, “The new program is closely tied to the establishment of a new School of Management, including a new dean and other infrastructure associated with the school. It is unclear whether the general campus community is fully award of the structural changes that would be triggered by this new degree program.”
  2. Professor Morris then moved to approve the Degree Program. There was a second by Professor Lenn Koederitz.
  3. A lengthy discussion of the proposed program ensued.
    1. Professor Carol Ann Smith said there had been mention of a $50,000 Faculty Hire the first year and a $70,000 one the second year. She asked what kind of hire you could get for that. The Chancellor said the projected budget was a worst case portrayal, and that those numbers were suggested by Engineering Management Faculty.
    2. Dean Mitchell stated he would like to see this program started, and that it would be a useful complement to Engineering.
    3. Professor Wayne Huebner said he endorses the concept strongly-that it would add diversity to the campus and more opportunities for the students.
    4. .Professor Ralph Wilkerson asked what the prospects are that this will be approved further up the system. The Chancellor said he is quite certain the Board of Curators will approve it. He said that next year, when the MBA is requested, there would be more resistance, but he belives it can be done.
    5. Professor Carol Ann Smith asked where the enrollment figures given came from. The answer was that they came from an assumption of how many would be recruited the first year, and escalate from there.
    6. Professor Smith then asked when the program would be accredited. The Chancellor said this can take place in 5 or 6 years.
    7. g.Professor Richard Hall asked what would happen if a student majored in a non-accredited program, and said that many of the larger companies won’t reimburse students unless attending an accredited program. The Chancellor said with any new school, it takes time to get accredited.
    8. .Professor Smith asked if this would distract from programs that are struggling. Dr. Thomas asked what had prevented working on these struggling programs for the last ten years.
    9. Professor Keith Stanek said it was time to start new programs. He said the Computer Engineering Program was started three years ago, and (even though not a lot of dollars have been pumped into it), there are 140 students in it.
  4. Vote was then taken. Motion carried with 28 for and 4 against. 5.
  5. The Chancellor referred to four issues of concern voiced at the Open Forum. He briefly told how these had been addressed.

The Agenda being completed, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Lenn Koederitz

*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official documentation and notification of actions approved.