Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting

November 15, 2001

XXXI,3. The meeting was called to order at 1:30 P.M. by President Ralph Wilkerson. Roll call was taken, and absentees noted were: Patrick Guinta, V.A. Samaranayake, James Stone, Mark Mullin, Kelvin Erickson, S.N. Balakrishnan, and H.L. Tsai.

There was a motion and second to approve the minutes of the October 18, 2001 meeting. The motion carried.




  1. Academic Council President Ralph Wilkerson reviewed topics discussed at the October 19 IFC meeting.
    1. The IFC discussed the Copyright Policy stating that UMR retains ownership when the majority of work uses university resources. The policy will go to the Board of Curators for approval at the January 2002 meeting.
    2. The IFC discussed a 12-week parental leave policy. At this time, there is no UM System policy. Possible solutions include a campus pool or a system based generic solution.
    3. The Governor’s January budget will affect the UM Budget. The state plans for two years of economic shortfall. A proposed 8-10% tuition increase and a 1% fee increase would affect enrollment but provide a 4% salary increase.
  2. UM Benefits Committee reviewed the “Rule of 80/85” Retirement Plan concluding that, at this time, the budget will now allow for a “Rule of 80/85”. The subject is tabled until University and State finances improve.
  1. Chancellor Gary Thomas discussed UMR’s budgetary concerns.
    1. Chancellor Thomas explained that Public Higher Education budgets are considered to be discretionary. 57% of Governor Holden’s budget adjustments for FY02 come from Public Higher Education.
    2. UMR has a structural deficit between faculty/staff and students. As enrollment increases, this will balance.
    3. Formation of Missouri House of Representatives Subcommittee on Funding Equity in Higher Education will study the funding levels of various higher education institutions.
  2. Chancellor Thomas reported conversations with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) about highway entrances to Rolla. With the renewal of a transportation bill, Rolla and UMR will have an opportunity to beautify entrances.
  3. Chancellor Thomas reported that the UM Board of Curators will visit the UMR campus on November 29 and 30.
  4. Chancellor Thomas commented on “Sandia Day.” Representatives from Sandia National Laboratories visited UMR. Sandia employs a large number of people with advanced degrees in science and technology and is a large potential source of employment and research funding.
  1. Provost Shah feels that UMR must focus on Recruitment, Distance Education, Research, and Retention for continued growth.
  2. Provost Y.T. Shah spoke about the Division of Foundational Studies (DFS) and how it will address the problem of retention.
    1. DFS will focus on the retention of freshman and sophomore students. Provost Shah and Harvest Collier will help build the DFS program with input from the Academic Council Ad Hoc Committee, chaired by Bruce McMillin.
    2. DFS will improve retention by focusing on the happiness of the students and their academic success.


A. CURRICULA - This report was presented by Professor Thomas Schuman.

  1. There was a motion to approve course changes, a second, and motion carried.

B. STUDENT AFFAIRS - This report was presented by Mark Potrafka

  1. There was a motion to allow the Concrete Canoe Team to be a stand-alone organization (to garner extra income and establish leadership skills), a second, and motion carried.

C. PUBLIC OCCASIONS - This report was presented by Lenn Koederitz.

  1. There was a motion to accept the proposed 2003-2004 calendar, a second, and motion carried.

D. BUDGETARY AFFAIRS - This report was presented by Greg Gelles.

  1. The Budgetary Affairs Committee met to elect a chair and restructure the committee. The committee will meet once each month and report to the Academic Council. Chancellor Thomas has agreed to serve on the committee.

A. An Ad Hoc Committee on DFS was formed. Bruce McMillan will chair with Robert Roe, Douglas Mattox, Carol Ann Smith, Christopher Ramsay, Neil Book and Ralph Flori as members. Any specific questions you have can be directed to this committee.

B. College of Arts and Sciences had a meeting where Harvest Collier fielded questions about DFS.


A. STAFF COUNCIL - Staff Council will survey the staff with a questionnaire and publish the results.


C. GRADUATE STUDENT’S COUNCIL - New officers were elected. Prem Lobo is the President.

D. REFERRALS - No referrals

There was a motion to adjourn, with a second, motion carried at 2:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,


Todd Hubing

*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official documentation and notification of actions approved.