Volume XXXII, Number 3
Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting
November 14, 2002

XXXII, 3 The meeting was called to order at 1:30 P.M. by President Lenn Koederitz. Roll call was taken, and absentees noted were: Craig Adams, S.N. Balakrishnan, Arlan DeKock, Randy Glaeser, Richard Hall, Paul Hamacher, Todd Hubing, Kurt Kosbar, Wendell Ogrosky, David Van Aken, Philip Whitefield, and Paul Worsey.

Koederitz asked that the Academic Council consider receiving electronic copies of the meeting agendas, committee reports, and minutes instead of hard copies to reduce paper use and copy fees.

There was a motion and second to approve the minutes of the October 17, 2002 Academic Council meeting. The Academic Council body voted to accept the minutes.


A. PRESIDENT'S REPORT - This report was presented by Academic Council President Lenn Koederitz.

1. The University of Missouri System Board of Curators has selected Elson S. Floyd to become the 21st president of the University of Missouri. Floyd will assume his duties as UM System President on January 6, 2003.

2. The Faculty Workload Policy, as outlined in the recent Reduction of Academic Costs report, has been changed to the Instructional Workload Policy.

3. The University of Missouri is awaiting a decision on the new "Sunshine Law" case, which would open more campus meetings to the public.

B. REPORT FROM THE OFFICES OF THE CHANCELLOR AND PROVOST - This report was presented by Vice Provost of Research Wayne Huebner.

1. Huebner presented information about Research at UMR. We are making great progress on campus with respect to the research mission. Increasing research to $50 million per year would greatly reduce our dependence on state funding.

a. Through October of FY02, there has been a 24% growth in the amount of research dollars awarded. Submitted research has also grown by 50%.

b. Good decisions about who to hire, promote and tenure will lead to growth in research. All departments need to define excellence within their department. Student success is the number one measure by which we should be judged as a campus.

c. Net indirect recovery collected on campus equaled $5.2 million. Nearly $1.3 was distributed to generating units. Huebner recommended investing SRI funds in infrastructure.

d. Thirteen of 30 Federal Plus Up proposals equaling $76.3 million have been accepted, involving nearly one-third of the faculty.

e. Growth in research will affect UMR's infrastructure. We need to utilize the space we have, and Huebner envisions a "Research Flagship Building" and perhaps a "classified facility" at Fort Leonard Wood.

2. Huebner also reported that Enrollment and Retention efforts are on target.

a. Scholars Day will be on December 7. All qualified Chancellor's Scholarship candidates have been invited to campus to review their essay. If you are interested in participating with the interviews, please contact Bob Whites.

b. Winter Semester advising and registration is underway. The Registrar's office has switched to a two-week open registration. 245 students have taken advantage of the new repeat course GPA adjustment.

c. Recruiting is strong. The admissions representatives have visited 250 high schools and 20 community colleges/transfer programs and attended 140 career fairs. 480 guests have attended the two Open Houses this fall. Over 200 middle school students will visit the campus to learn about opportunities at UMR.

d. Distance Education enrollment is up. The Coordinating Board of Higher Education (CBHE) has authorized six certificate programs. Four degree programs are available.

e. The proposed draft for the CBHE 42-credit hour General Education Transfer Credit is available for review and comments.


A. CURRICULA - This report was presented by Thomas Schuman.

1. There was a motion and second to approve the curriculum changes and degree proposals (English minor, "American Studies") and curriculum changes and course changes (four course changes) generated from the November 7 Curricula Committee Meeting. The motion passed.

2. Three experimental course forms were submitted by University departments for courses that will be offered in the near future.

3. The Committee forwarded a proposed new bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Engineering to the Academic Council for consideration. There was a motion and second to approve the program. After discussion, there was a motion and second to amend the original motion to approve the program to contain the clause that the relevant Humanities and Social Sciences requirements will be met by the program. The amendment passed. The original motion to approve the Interdisciplinary Engineering degree, with amendments, was approved.

B. PUBLIC OCCASIONS-CALENDAR - This report was presented by Lenn Koederitz.

1. There was a motion and second to accept the 2004-2005 Academic Calendar as attached. It was noted that the calendar reflects the new class times and the new two-week open registration period. Spring Break was chosen to coincide with the calendar for Rolla Public Schools. The motion passed.

C. RULES, PROCEDURES AND AGENDA (RP&A) - This report was presented by Ralph Wilkerson.

1. Wilkerson informed the Academic Council of RP&A's intention to present proposed Bylaws Changes regarding Standing Committee reorganization to the General Faculty at the December meeting.

2. Barbara Hale called a Point of Order arguing that the proper procedures for changing the bylaws had not been followed. However, the acting Parliamentarian ruled that a member of the Academic Council must call a Point of Order.

3. Carol Ann Smith then called a Point of Order charging that RP&A had a) not met the requirements of the bylaws to present a proposed change of the bylaws; and b) not presented the exact proposal to the General Faculty in May 2002 as had been presented to the Academic Council in April 2002.

4. The Acting Parliamentarian made the following rulings: a) The bylaws do indeed require that RP&A notify the general faculty of a proposed bylaw change within 15 days of receipt of the proposal. Previous practice has established precedence that RP&A post the proposed changes on the web, circulate the URL to the General Faculty via email, and include the URL in the agenda for General Faculty. When RP&A received the proposed bylaw changes in April 2002 it did promptly post them, but the URL was not included in the agenda for the May General Faculty meeting (which were circulated within 15 days). Because of this omission, it was ruled that RP&A cannot bring to a vote the proposal it received in April. b) The ruling regarding (a) made the Point of Order for (b) moot and it was not publicly addressed.

D. TENURE - This report was presented by Jerry Cohen

1. Several issues were referred to the Tenure Committee in 2002. The committee submitted a report delineating their responses.

2. There was a motion and second to approve the committee report, as attached. After discussion, there was a friendly amendment to separate revision #1, concerning joint appointments, from the report.

3. After additional discussion, there was a motion and second for an amendment to the original motion asking that the committee look at the evidence that is available in the literature concerning evaluation of women and minorities for promotion and tenure. The amendment was approved

4. The motion to accept the amended report, excluding the sections regarding joint appointments and ensuring the presence of women and minorities on the campus tenure/promotion committee, was approved.

E. AD HOC COMMITTEE ON CAMPUS REORGANIZATION - This report was presented by Jerry Cohen

1. Cohen presented a preliminary report on the meetings of the Campus reorganization committee, as attached. The committee proposes that a written document be submitted to the Curricula Committee for consideration and approval before any campus reorganization takes place.

F. BUDGETARY AFFAIRS - No report presented.

G. AD HOC ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW COMMITTEE - This report was presented by Don Myers.

1. Myers noted that the Academic Council passed a resolution in April 2001 regarding Administrative Reviews.

2. Don Myers proposed that the AC request from the Chancellor funds to post the (attached) questionnaire on the web-site. There was a motion and second to request financial support from the Chancellor for the cost of hiring someone to post the electronic evaluation. Dean Mitchell volunteered to post the evaluation for free. The motion to request funds from the Chancellor to place the evaluation on the web-site passed.

3. There was a motion and second to accept the recommendations made by the Ad Hoc Committee on Administrative Review as attached to the meeting agenda. The motion passed.



1. Academic Dishonesty Cases



1. Koederitz urged all faculty to review the proposed changes to the Chancellor's Policy Memorandums at http://chancellor.mst.edu/policy/index.html. Please direct any comments to the Academic Council officers.

2. There was a motion and second that the Academic Council ask the Chancellor to delay implementation of the policy memorandums until after the February 2003 Academic Council meeting, giving the faculty adequate time to provide input. The motion passed.

3. There was a motion and second to refer faculty input concerning the proposed changes to Academic Council committees, as deemed appropriate by the Academic Council Officers. The motion was approved.

B. STAFF COUNCIL - No report submitted.


1. A new web-site is available for University of Missouri students and parents at http://students.missouri.edu/~help/. Information presented on the web-site presents the facts about higher education funding and is campus specific.

2. The students have approved the Student Activity fees for next year, with only a small change to the Athletic Fund.


1. UMR has 1291 graduate students.

2. Arindam Roy was elected President of the Council of Graduate Students and Piyong Yu was elected as the Vice-President.

There was a motion and second to adjourn the meeting, motion carried at 3:05 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Hilgers, Secretary
Approved electronically - Monday, 11/25/02, 5:09 PM

*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official notification and documentation of actions approved.