Volume XXXII, Number 2


Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting
October 17, 2002

XXXII, 2 The meeting was called to order at 1:30 P.M. by President Lenn Koederitz. Roll call was taken, and absentees noted were: S.N. Balakrishnan, Kelvin Erickson, Randy Glaeser, Richard Hall, Paul Hamacher, Kurt Kosbar, Gary Mueller, Marshall Porterfield, Grey Story, H.L. Tsai, Gerald Wilemski, and Paul Worsey.

There was a motion and second to approve the minutes of the September 19, 2002 Academic Council meeting. It was noted that there was an error in Section 2.C.6. of the meeting minutes. The minutes should read, "Shah has been … and Civil and Architectural Engineering (adding Environmental Engineering)." There was a motion and second to approve the corrected minutes. The Academic Council body voted to accept, with corrections, the minutes of the September 19, 2002 Academic Council meeting.



A. PRESIDENT'S REPORT - This report was submitted by Academic Council President Lenn Koederitz.

1. Koederitz relayed topics under discussion at the recent IFC Meeting.

a. IFC's proposed changes concerning Faculty Salary Adjustments (Board of Curators Policy 10.030.A.9) has received presidential approval and is being forwarded to the Board of Curators. The final version is posted on the Academic Council Webpage at http://academiccouncil.mst.edu

b. The U-Wide Report on the Reduction of Academic Costs is also posted on the Academic Council Webpage here. The Report will be forwarded to President Pacheco who can accept it and send it to the Board of Curators or toss it out. Three main items of which to take notice include: the conclusion there is no significant savings in program reduction, a modified faculty workload policy, and a program viability audit. Please direct your comments regarding this report to Y.T. Shah, Ralph Wilkerson, Lenn Koederitz, or Todd Hubing.

c. An Ad Hoc Committee has been created to review all campus reorganizations. Members of the committee to date are Gerald Cohen (Chair), Hal Nystrom and Kurt Kosbar from the School of Engineering, Carol Ann Smith and Wayne Bledsoe from the College of Arts and Sciences, Tad Golosinski and Nick Tsoulfanidis from the School of Mines and Metallurgy, Ray Kluczny from the School of Management and Information Systems and student Mike Miles.

d. The UM Presidential Search is ongoing. Finalists are currently being interviewed. The Board of Curators is considering appointing an Interim President, as President Pacheco has taken VERIP effective December 31.

e. The University policy regarding Parental Leave is now moving toward the existing federal policy, FAMLEA, whereby family leave time is accrued. This will cost ½% in benefits costs.

B. CHANCELLOR'S REPORT - This report was presented by Chancellor Gary Thomas.

1. State Appropriations were cut by 10% ($5.3 million) in FY2003. $4.4 million was held back late in FY 2002, forcing the university to "borrow" from this fiscal year. To meet the FY2003 budget shortfall of 18%, educational fees were increased, maintenance and repair budgets were cut, salaries were held constant, and some faculty and staff positions were left open.

2. Enrollment has increased by 7.3% (5240 students) from Fall Semester 2001. There are 14% (100) more freshmen on campus than last year. Both total enrollment and freshmen enrollment have increased at a higher percentage than UMC. Transfer and graduate student enrollments are also increasing.

3. Retention is improving. Unfortunately, male retention suffers in comparison to female retention.

4. UMR is doing very well, but there is still some distance to go. Without another budget cut, increasing enrollment will give us the ability to grow out of our financial problems. We need to focus on things to enhance our reputation. UMR ranks 14th in National Public Engineering Schools, according to U.S. News and World Report.

C. SPECIAL REPORT - This report was presented by Clara Ichord, Democrat Candidate for 16th Senatorial District.

Ichord was in attendance to speak to the Academic Council about her political views and ideas. Ichord wants to be our state senator to protect what matters most to mid-Missourians. She believes that includes protecting our way of life, protecting and improving our educational system, and protecting the elderly. Ichord is an educator and realizes what a good education can do for students. Finding the funds for educations is a challenge, and Ichord promised to fight to ensure that education receives its fair share of tax dollars. Ichord wants to educate voters about the Hancock Amendment, term limits, and the budget. Ichord is serious about keeping senior citizens safe from abuse while in nursing homes. If elected, she will sponsor a bill to guarantee that our elderly receive good care. Ichord urged the audience to look at the differences between the candidates and the record of her opponent.

D. PROVOST'S REPORT - This report was presented by Provost Y.T. Shah.

1. Shah discussed the information included in the packet that he distributed during the meeting.

2. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) Search Committee is working to find a suitable candidate. The newly created position will oversee the campus Computing and Information Services (including telecommunications), Library and Learning Resources, Video Communications Center, and technologies associated with distance and continuing education.

3. The Search Committee for the Vice-Provost of Research has recommended a candidate for the position. An announcement will be made soon. The Vice-Provost of Research will create a team act on campus and implement ideas, making Research strong at UMR. The Research goal is $50 million with $10 million in indirect costs.

4. The Search Committee has submitted their recommendation for the Fort Leonard Wood Liaison Officer.

5. Distance Education currently has 392 students enrolled. The Coordinating Board of Higher Education (CBHE) has authorized six certificate programs. There are four existing degree programs and one in development.

6. A self-evaluation of programs is underway. Any name changes will follow the processes agreed to by the Academic Council President.

7. The Office of the Provost and the Committee on Effective Teaching are planning an Honors Luncheon to recognize the recipients of this year's teaching awards.


A. CURRICULA - This report was presented by Craig Adams.

1. There was a motion and second to approve the curriculum changes and degree proposals generated from the October 3 Curricula Committee Meeting. The motion passed.

2. There was a motion and second to approve the curriculum changes and course changes generated from the October 3 Curricula Committee Meeting. The motion passed.

3. Adams noted the experimental courses that will be offered in the near future.

4. There was no information available from the Curricula committee concerning the tabled items from the September Academic Council meeting.

B. PERSONNEL - This report was presented by K.M. Issac.

1. The committee met to discuss the referral from the Academic Council regarding "Faculty Salary Adjustments (BOC Policy 10.030.A.9)". The committee presented the following motion:
'To maintain employee morale and to avoid unnecessary distress, we request that the university administration revise the executive order on implementation of Section 10.030.A.9 of the Collected Rules and Regulations as follows:
'9. Appointments: The appointments of all employees are generally made for specific terms, salaries and benefits. However, should the University's fiscal circumstances suddenly deteriorate to a level at which adjustments are necessary to avoid financial exigency, the Board of Curators may temporarily and prospectively adjust the salaries and benefits of all its employees subject to the following:
(a) Such adjustments shall be for the shortest terms and in the smallest increments consistent with those that the Board deems necessary;
(b) Adjustments shall be across the board on a equitable basis to all University employees (e.g. percentage salary, number of working days);
(c) The foregoing shall not be deemed to abolish or abridge any right of academic personnel to academic freedom, not to abolish or abridge the tenure regulations of the University.'
The motion was seconded.

2. After discussion, there was a motion and a second to amend the original motion to change the Rules and Regulations rather than revising the executive order. The amendment to the motion passed.

3. After more discussion, the motion, with amendment, failed.

C. BUDGETARY AFFAIRS - This report was submitted by David Van Aken.

1. Greg Gelles has been elected to chair the Budgetary Affairs committee. An executive committee was formed to discuss the Distribution of Distance Education Funds. Members are Greg Gelles, Lokesh Dharani and David Van Aken. The executive committee will gather information from the departments most affected by distance education.

D. STUDENT AFFAIRS - This report was presented by Mark Potrafka.

1. There was a motion and second to re-recognize the University of Missouri - Rolla College Republicans (UMR CR). The motion passed.

2. There was a motion and second to recognize the Society of Flight Test Engineers University of Missouri - Rolla Student Chapter (SFTE UMR). The motion passed.

E. RULES, PROCEDURES AND AGENDA (RP&A) - This report was presented by Ralph Wilkerson.

1. Academic Council President Lenn Koederitz has taken VERIP. To continue as Academic Council President, Koederitz must be elected to the General Faculty. RP&A conducted an email ballot of the General Faculty in early October.
115 votes cast "For" the election of Koederitz to the General Faculty
16 votes cast "Against" the election of Koederitz to the General Faculty
1 vote cast to "Abstain"
Koederitz will continue as Academic Council President until August 31, 2003.



1. Resolution of Video Distance Learning is on hold until the resolution of the UM System Copyright Policy.

2. Academic Dishonesty Cases


A. ANNOUNCEMENTS - David Van Aken will represent UMR in the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates.

B. STAFF COUNCIL - No report submitted.

C. STUDENT COUNCIL - This report was presented by Ryan Wilson.

1. Student Council has formed a committee to look into the posting policies on campus. The current policy has been in place since 1992.

2. This is the last year that kelly green St. Pat's sweatshirts will be available.

D. GRADUATE STUDENT COUNCIL - No report submitted.

There was a motion and second to adjourn the meeting, motion carried at 2:35 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Hilgers, Secretary

*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official notification and documentation of actions approved.