Volume XXXIII, Number 8
Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting
September 16, 2004

XXXIII, 8 The meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m. by President Todd Hubing.  Roll call was taken, and absentees noted were:  Paul Hammacher, Anne Magila, Pericles Stravopoulos, Chad Pense, Lance Haynes, Gary Mueller, Robert Stone, Roger LaBoube, Don Myers, Hal Nystrom, S. N. Balakrishnan, H. L. Tsai, Michael Davis and Y. T. Shah.


There was a motion and second to approve the minutes of the June 17, 2004 Academic Council meeting.  The Academic Council body voted to accept the minutes.  There was a motion and second to approve the election of the new officers to the Academic Council.  The Academic Council body voted to accept the new officers, who include:  Michael Hilgers – President; Robert Schwartz – President Elect; Kurt Kosbar – Secretary; and Frank Blum – Parliamentarian.  The Academic Council body welcomes the new President Michael Hilgers and congratulated Todd Hubing for a job well done.


A. PRESIDENT'S REPORT - This report was presented by Academic Council President Michael Hilgers.

 a.      Introduce Lois Jaques

 b.      IFC Retreat – August 9th

        Issues of Concern include:  (attended by Dr. Michael Hilgers & Dr. Robert Schwartz)

  • PeopleSoft
  • Conflict of interest policy
  • Programmatic enrollment management
  • UMC grievance policy
  • Policy concerning non-regular faculty
  • Incentive programs
  • Curators’ and DTP reviews
  • Academic Calendar
  • System Lobbying efforts

 c.    IFC Meeting – September 8

 1.           President Floyd met privately with UMR IFC representatives to preview his plans for forming the Chancellor Search committee.  We offered comments and he acted on some of them.  After hearing the issues  he raised regarding his beliefs concerning the search committee, we felt that he was proceeding in a reasonable fashion.

 2.           PeopleSoft – VP Caruso gave the status of the various campuses.  UMR is still the only campus with student records.  Report has been issued.  It observed the level of angst still high.  It was recommended that we move to a service center model.

 3.           Budget – VP Krawitz presented the next budget to go before the assembly.  It has a 20% increase, which we are not likely to get.

 4.           Tuition Decoupling – Right now it appears that they will not decouple tuition in the next year.

 5.           President Floyd discussed the strategic plan, Peoplesoft (executive sponsor on each campus, Chancellor Search, UMC-grievance policy, state of UM hospitals, Jim Ross (UMC hospital) will join System general officers.

 d.  UMR Strategic Planning – Defer to the report section

 e.    Need a response to the incentive program before the next IFC meeting.

 f.     Need to form an ad hoc committee on Convergence of Interest – discuss more later.

B. CHANCELLOR'S REPORT - This report was presented by Chancellor Gary Thomas.


C. PROVOST'S REPORT - This report was presented by Dean Robert Mitchell.





a. Information Technology/Computing Committee – Desktop Replacement Policy.
Dr. Barbara Hale and Dr. Frank Blum gave a report from ITCC committee.  Concerns were expressed that the manner in which the Provost’s Desktop Replacement Policy Task Force conducted their business.  The following Motion was made:  “Whereas, a faculty and staff desktop computer policy has been adopted without formal input from the faculty representatives, be it resolved, that the Academic Council respectfully requests that the Provost hold an open forum with the faculty to discuss, point by point, the amendments proposed by the faculty representatives.”

It was pointed out that the ITCC and Task Force had somewhat overlapping duties, and an amendment was made to defer action on this until the ITCC had a change to review the task force recommendations.   The amendment failed.  The original motion passed.


B.   BUDGETARY AFFAIRS- No report given.

      Note that Budgetary Affairs gave its approval to the name change forms.  Motion was made to accept name change form NC 9.  The motion carried with no discussion.

An Academic Council representative from the Ceramic Engineering Department made a motion to split to vote, separating DC 0129 from the other two.  The UMR curriculum committee made a motion to approve curriculum changes and digress proposal forms DC 0129, 0130 and 0131. 

There was some discussion over recent changes discussed in the Ceramic Engineering Department.  A motion was made to split the vote, separating DC 0129 from the other two forms.  The motion to split the vote passed.  A motion was made, and passed to table the vote on DC 0129.  The motion to approve DC 0130 and 131 passed.

The UMR curriculum committee made a motion to approve CC 5844, CC 5846, CC 5847, etc.  (See attached report).

D.  Strategic Planning Steering Committee – Michael Hilgers.

E.   STUDENT AFFAIRS- No report given.


A. ANNOUNCEMENTS- President Michael Hilgers

1. Dr. Michael Hilgers noted that IFC reps are typically the academic council president, president-elect, and past-president.  Following this tradition, the IFC Reps for this year:  Todd Hubing, Michael Hilgers, and Robert Schwartz...

2. Elections:  Took nominations from the floor for Budgetary Affairs:  Robert Schwartz (2 year term), Anne Maglia (1 year).  Student Affairs:  Jennifer Leopold.  Grievance Hearing Panel:  Dr. Michael Hilgers has two names for the Grievance Committee, Jeff Cawlfield and Gerald Cohen, and still needs three more names.  Dr. Hilgers asked for volunteers and/or nominations, and received none.  Dr. Hilgers notified the council that these committee members needed to be selected by October 1, and noted that there is no regularly scheduled academic council meeting before that date.  Dr. Hilgers informally asked if there would be any objections or concerns to him appointing people, and no one objected.


3.Formation of the Ad Hoc committee on Convergence of interest.  Read the recommendations of the work group.  Request that interested parties contact me.

B. STAFF COUNCIL – no report given.
C. STUDENT COUNCIL- No report given.
E. REFERRALS- Referred the guidelines for the creation of an incentive program to the personnel committee.  Suggest that the groups organize its time to have Peter Welden down before the next IFC meeting (10/6).  It would be ideal if he could talk to both the personnel committee and the Ad Hoc committee on COI.

There was a motion and second to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed at 3:08 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
(electronically submitted,
10/10/04 - 9:20 a.m.)
Kurt Kosbar, Secretary

*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official notification and documentation of actions approved.