Volume VII, 7


Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting

April 21, 2005

VII 7 There was a motion to table approval of February 17, 2005 minutes due to difficulty in distributing minutes by e-mail. Motion passed on unanimous voice vote.


A. PRESIDENT'S REPORT - Michael Hilgers

a. Discussed non-regular faculty policy, IFC role at UM system level, state appropriations, unified calendar, administration costs per FTE for UM system, freeze on administration hiring and strategic action plan.


a. General Officers Meeting – Budget does not look good for next year, probably 2-2.5% cut over last fiscal year. State funding of scholarships will probably be cut 10%. We are looking for consolidation at system level for administration costs. Spoke about decentralized tuition. Need tuition plan by end of September.




a. RP&A – Report was given by Todd Hubing. Discussed referring student concerns over computer policy to ITCC.

b. Budgetary Affairs – Report was given by Robert Schwartz. We are at the limit for cost cutting in budget, and will need to reduce rate dollars. Memo should be going to faculty soon asking for comments on budget.

c. Curricula – Report was given by Charles Chusuei. Motion to approve 5 DC forms, and this was approved by a voice vote.

d. ITCC – Report was given by Barbara Hale. Discussed referrals to ITCC. Formed task force for computer learning centers and smart classrooms. Investigating short-term CLC upgrade policy and implement information kiosks.

e. Library Committee – R. DuBroff

f. Student Affairs – Report was given by Nathan Mundis. Recommended approval of three new student organizations, and was approved on a voice vote. Recommended removal of recognition of five inactive organizations. Concern was expressed over the difficulty of re-instituting these student organizations, among other concerns. A motion to table was approved on a voice vote.

g. Public Occasions – No report.

h. Administrative Review Committee – Report was given by Frank Blum. Discussed procedures for distributing results of survey results.


3 Old Business - none.


4 New Business


a. RP&A - Robert Schwartz read the resolution listed below, and it was passed by unanimous voice vote:

Academic Council Resolution - Recognition of Chancellor Thomas

WHEREAS , Chancellor Gary Thomas has led the University of Missouri–Rolla for the past five years with an unwavering commitment to quality and improvement; and

WHEREAS , Chancellor Thomas successfully mobilized the campus to reverse a declining enrollment trend by focusing attention on student recruitment and retention efforts; and ,

WHEREAS , Chancellor Thomas challenged the campus to realize its full potential in research productivity, and in heeding this call the campus has nearly doubled its external funding; and

WHEREAS , Chancellor Thomas has been a champion and vigorous advocate for this campus among state leaders; and

WHEREAS , Chancellor Thomas has successfully promoted a beautification and building program on campus, with the remarkable Havener Center completed, the Residential College nearly completed, and several other projects initiated; and

WHEREAS , the Academic Council deeply appreciates all that Chancellor Thomas has done for the University of Missouri–Rolla,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the University of Missouri–Rolla ’s Academic Council gratefully recognizes the contributions to the growth and long-term well-being of the University of Missouri-Rolla led by Chancellor Gary Thomas and thanks him for his tireless dedication to our campus community.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Academic Council extends warmest good wishes to Chancellor Gary Thomas with hopes for continued success in all his future endeavors .


PASSED: April 21, 2005

Michael Hilgers, President Academic Council
Robert Schwartz, President-Elect, Academic Council
Todd Hubing, Past President, Academic Council
Kurt Kosbar, Secretary, Academic Council
Frank Blum, Parliamentarian, Academic Council

b. Student Council - Nathan Mundis described new officers, last week of class policy, restructuring of committees and student activity fees.

c. Graduate Students - discussed new officers.

d. Referrals - none.


Mike Hilgers adjourned the meeting at 2:33 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
(electronically submitted,
06/09/2005 )
Kurt Kosbar, Secretary

*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official notification and documentation of actions approved.