Volume XXXVI, Number 1


Minutes of the Academic Council Meeting
September 22, 2005

Call to Order, Roll, and Approval of Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 13:30 by President-Elect Schwartz and roll was taken. The following absentees were noted: Michael Meagher, V. A. Samaranayake, Mark Mullin, Paul Worsey, Robert Stone, D. J. Belarbi, H. S. Tsai, Debra Robinson, [Air Force ROTC Rep].

The approval of the June 16, 2005 minutes was tabled until the October 2005 meeting.

Officer Elections

Don Myers, elected chair of RP&A, proposed a slate of candidates approved by RP&A, for the 2005-6 Academic Council Officers. The slate was accepted by acclamation. The slate included:

President - Robert Schwartz
President-Elect – Kurt Kosbar
Secretary – Frank Blum
Parliamentarian – Eun Soo Park

RP&A nominated Ralph Wilkerson as a representative to the Intercampus Faculty Council as a replacement for the Past-President. AC voted to appoint Wilkerson as representative. Schwartz and Kosbar serve automatically as President and President-Elect of AC.


A. PRESIDENT'S REPORT - Robert Schwartz

a President Schwartz reported on his plans for the coming year, which are focused on communication and developing mutual respect between the faculty and the administration.

b Schwartz presented a chart with the need for AC to name some of the representatives for different UMR committees. Schwartz asked for nominations for these positions. There were no nominees from the floor. Election of AC representatives is scheduled for the October meeting. Schwartz’s introductory remarks about his goals for the upcoming are attached.


a Chancellor Carney spoke on his interest in working closely with the Academic Council. He recently visited Washington, DC and spoke with our Congressional delegation and their staffs. They have been very supportive of UMR, primarily because UMR delivers results effectively. The Chancellor's first Board of Curators meeting is coming up and he looks forward to getting to know the Curators better. The strategic plan and capital campaign are moving forward and the Chancellor needs to feel comfortable with the plan and UMR'S commitment to it. He is planning to send a two-page document, through the departments, to the Campus, to determine support for it.


a Provost Shah spoke about the state of the Campus which he considers good. Student enrollment, research, and minority enrollments are all up. The Provost spoke about the strategic plan which is related to the UM System’s strategic plan. The 10 goals include increases in enrollment, research productivity, and giving. There were questions related to the difference between the planning and the setting of goals for Colleges/Departments. The Provost stressed the importance of faculty having “buy-in” in the process.


a Budgetary Affairs – Don Myers

Budgetary Affairs is concerned about the deficit and the lack of budgeting for new programs (that were not included in the budget). The Committee was also concerned about a process by which the faculty could contribute to the strategic planning process. The Bylaws say that the faculty should be involved in the process.

b Curricula Committee – Charles Chusuei

The written report of 8.18.05 was referenced relative to:

  • 3 program curriculum changes (DC) that were approved by voice vote. (The question was asked as to whether there were any financial issues related to these changes, and the answer was “none that they know of.”
  • 25 course changes (CC) were approved by voice vote.
  • 15 experimental courses (EC) were noted. (These do not require AC approval.

c Information Technology and Computer Committee (ITCC) - Barbara Hale

ITCC reported on updates to Computer Learning Centers (CLC's). A task force examined CLC usage and tried to determine a utilization threshold. The task force determined that several CLC’s needed upgrades. The task force recommended that a call for proposals go out to departments

A new CLC was added to the residential college and several others were upgraded. A CERTI computer classroom with 52 laptops has been established in the University Center East. A multi-node numerical computing facility has also been added. 5 kiosks have been added around campus.

Long term concerns of the Committee include declining budgets versus increasing needs, flexibility for student and faculty to choose hardware and software, and the competitiveness of UMR computing facilities.

d Library and Learning Resources (no report)

e . Personnel - Robert Dubois

The Committee's interest in faculty compensation was noted. A UM report, originally due in January, was received in June and the Committee will be addressing that soon.


a Welcoming Resolution - Schwartz

Professor Schwartz read a resolution welcoming Chancellor Carney. It was approved by acclamation. A copy of the resolution is attached.

b Student Council: Mundis

SC is currently working on a Student Interest Survey. A resolution was read thanking Mike Hilgers for his service as President of the AC.

c Council of Graduate Students: No report

d Referrals - none

Robert Schwartz adjourned the meeting at 14:30

Respectfully submitted,
(electronically submitted, 9/26, 2005 )
Frank Blum, Secretary

*Minutes of the Academic Council are considered official notification and documentation of actions approved.